Thursday, November 07, 2013

Slow drivers in the left lane, beware!

I wholeheartedly support this effort:
Local law enforcement agencies on Wednesday plan to crack down on drivers who meander along in the left lane, officials said.
Unless you're passing another vehicle or turning left, driving in the left lane of multi-lane roadways is against Texas law.

The statute is relatively unknown and is rarely enforced, so Wednesday's special enforcement effort is designed to help spread the word, officials said.

Violators not only block the smooth flow of traffic but also create a dangerous situation as traffic builds around them.

"That's the lane ambulances use, and when you put a slower car into it, that can lead to crashes," said Sgt. Gordon Schneider with the Department of Public Safety.
I’ve written about this many times before, but I’ll say it again: as a driver, nothing irritates me more than people who drive slow in the left lane. (People who wait until the last moment to merge are a close second.) As the article states, these drivers impede the flow of traffic and create hazardous driving conditions. This is especially true on rural interstates, which are only two lanes in either direction and where a slow driver in the left lane can cause miles-long backups that are frustrating to everyone.

The left lane is for passing only. Period. Full stop. The only time a slow vehicle should be in the left lane is if they are overtaking an even slower vehicle in the right lane (this happens frequently with big rigs on rural interstates).  And the posted speed limit is irrelevant. If you’re doing 75 in the left lane and the guy behind you wants to do 100, move over and let him risk getting a ticket.

I’m glad DPS is finally working to get the message out.

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