Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hello winter

Apparently, parts of the Houston area are supposed to get the first freeze of the season tonight. It might not get to the 32 degree mark here in Bellaire, but it's going to be chilly tonight, nevertheless.

Yes, it's cold out there. But here's the nice thing about Houston and its mild winter: freezes such as these don't last very long. A front comes through, temperatures drop down into the lower 30s and upper 20s for a couple of days, and then things warm up, giving us pleasant weather for awhile. This does not happen in the summer: the brutal heat and humidity sets in and drones on for months with no respite. Nor does this happen during the winter in much of the United States: winter arrives, and months of bitter cold, ice and snow follow. That's just as oppressive as a Houston summer, if not worse (in terms of driving conditions, etc.).

So while the temperature outside might be colder than I like, I take heart in the fact that it's only temporary, that this weekend's weather is expected to be awesome, and that this pattern is going to stick around for a few months. Winter is one of the advantages of living in Houston.

So enjoy it, and don't complain about the cold too much. That miserable summer heat might be a distant memory right now, but it will be back before any of us are ready for it.

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