Saturday, July 21, 2007


I still think they make lousy pets, but the bunny I'm taking care of for the weekend is actually rather well-behaved. That is to say, she hasn't gnawed through any baseboards or power cords (at least, not yet), she hasn't used the restroom outside of her cage, and she actually comes up to Lori and me looking to for a hand to pet her.

Frieda lives at Kirby's daycare, but routine maintenance over the weekend meant that Frieda needed a place to stay for a few days.

It's kind of fun to take care of a rabbit again, but don't expect me to change my opinion about them anytime soon...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the company of the class rabbit over the weekend.

I would like to add that rabbits are not "lousy pets" as that piece of dribble that you refer to exclaims. Rabbits are affectionate & loving in the right person's care. Anyone who cannot relate to the peaceful and quiet nature of a rabbit should not have a rabbit as a companion. Needless to say that the person who wrote that piece of uneducated trash should have looked into further information & care on desexing for their rabbits. This would have helped immensely avoiding an unwanted litter & behavioural problems!

Also, rabbits will die suddenly if not properly cared for. A bad diet, stress, illness, etc will cause a rabbit to die painfully & quickly. A person more in tune with rabbits would pick up on illnesses & pain before it's too late.

I'm glad that the little bunny you were looking after perhaps gave you a better appreciation of rabbits. However, I think school rabbits are a terrible idea. Rabbits stress very easily and require a quiet home. They are not children's toy things to play with and pass from home to home each weekend.

Thomas said...

I think the word you're looking for is "drivel," not "dribble."

But you are right about one thing: people who cannot relate to the peculiarities of a rabbit should not keep them as pets. And as much as you think that my previous experiences with them constitutes "uneducated trash," if my site educates people as to the reality of what keeping a rabbit entails and causes them to more carefully evaluate whether they are really capable of taking care of a rabbit, then I'm probably doing a favor for everyone involved. Including the rabbits themselves.

Ashley said...

That rabbit post is absolutely hysterical. I live in the city with my dog and have no business adopting a bunny...However, I saw a pair of giant angora rabbits and thought maybe they'd be fun. Of course this led me to google "rabbits as pets" - which brought me to your very witty and informative bunny post.

You had me laughing as it just got worse with every paragraph - and in the end the positives were watching them eat carrots from afar, hearing their destructive fangs chatter when they allowed contact, and laughing at them chase the cats. You are clearly an animal lover because very few would keep that brood to the end.

I had this vision of these two giant angora rabbits snuggling with my dog eating carrots before I came across your blog. Now I pictured coming home to mounds of shredded paperwork, chair legs gnawed off - one bunny in the kitchen cabinet eating his way out of a cereal box and the other one pooping on my laptop while draped in a tattered cashmere scarf & swatting at my 90lb dog cowing in the corner. The fact that they destroy remotes was enough for me. And of course the whole part about them being incredibly mean, aloof, and pretty much like sharing your home with a raccoon that hates you. I wants you to know it.

So my friend. Thank you. However, I'm still thinking about it because it would give me some good material to write about.