Sunday, May 21, 2006

My website is a medical training resource

Of all the e-mail I've received about my website - be it from angry rabbit lovers, Super 8 film enthusiasts, travelers to Ecuador, people asking how they can make their city's freeways look prettier, even economics students interested in dollarization - I never, ever thought I would receive the following message:
Thank you for sharing Kirby's photos. In one photograph you've allowed much discussion and learning opportunity for student nurses at Fayetteville Technical Community College in Fayetteville, North Carolina. [at a distance- before the actual clinical experience begins for the Maternal-Women- Newborn health rotation]. The photographer did an excellent job in capturing the forcep marks, the vernix, the amniotic fluid, the "normal" transition assistance of the healthcare team and Kirby looks to be a fine wee one as he prepared to leave the hospital.
This person is, of course, referring to the very first picture of Kirby, which was taken right as he was delivered. I put that picture, graphic as it might be, on my website because I wanted to document my son's life right from its first moment: him literally taking his first breath. That the picture is able to serve an educational purpose as well, even though that wasn't its original intent, is really rather cool.

One of these days, Kirby will be happy to know that he did his part for medical education!

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