Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Barry Bonds bores me

For all of the Astros' current problems - they've lost eight out of their last eleven games, and once-dominant, now-struggling closer Brad Lidge has been demoted - the local media seems more interested in San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds, who is in town for a three-game series against the Astros.

I know it's a great storyline for the media: here is one of baseball's most dominant players, one home run away from tying Babe Ruth with 714 all-time career home runs, who is currently battling considerable controversy regarding his alleged steroid use.

But I've become tired of hearing about him. For one thing, I just don't care about him very much, the same way I really don't care too much about anybody who doesn't play for the Astros. Secondly, even when he does break Babe's home run record Bonds will still be several gopher balls away from the all-time career home run leader, Hank Aaron, who has 755 homers. Is second place really worthy of all the attention it's getting? Finally, I just don't care about his alleged steroid use. Major League Baseball didn't test for performance-enhancing drugs at all before 2002, meaning that the league didn't really care about it until recently, either. So why should I be upset that he might have used steroids in the past? He wasn't the only one.

In short, Barry Bonds bores me. I'll be glad when the series with the Giants is over and Bonds leaves town and takes his media circus with him.

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