Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Enjoying one final taste of spring

Thanks to a cold front that passed through Houston early this week, the last couple of days have been absolutely wonderful, with clear skies, mild daytime temperatures and cool nighttime temperatures. I've certainly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, this is likely going to be it as far as spring is concerned. Temperatures are expected to climb from here. It's May, which means the oppressive Houston summer is about to begin. Unless we get lucky and another cold front makes its way through town within the next couple of weeks, this is very likely the last bit of comfortable weather we're going to see here until October.

And then there's the drought the Houston area has been experiencing over the last couple of months. We need rain, but according to the meteorological prognosticators none is expected in the immediate horizon. Let's hope something happens soon; I really would prefer that Houston's next opportunity for significant rainfall not come courtesy of a hurricane or something...

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