Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Say goodbye to Sadie

Our six-week stint as dog owners has come to an end. Last week, Lori and I sadly agreed that Sadie, as friendly as she was, was simply too big and too rough for Kirby and therefore had to go.

We really did want to provide a good home for a stray dog. And we did understand that it was going to be a chore, especially for a dog as big and as hyperactive as she was. I didn't mind the digging and chewing so much - that's what puppies do, after all - and I enjoyed taking her for walks (especially since I needed the exercise). But she loved Kirby just a bit too much; she would constantly jump up on him and knock him into walls and floors. Attempts to train her not to jump up on Kirby proved unsuccessful. She was also becoming increasingly aggressive with Hermes, which concerned me.

Maybe if we had more experience with dogs, or had more time to properly train her, or if she were a little smaller (she was a good 10 pounds heavier than Kirby) or older, things would have worked out differently.

So last weekend, Lori regretfully took Sadie to a place that will take good care of her until she finds a new home. Hopefully, that will happen soon. She's a good dog and would be a great pet for the right family.

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