Thursday, November 09, 2006

Meanwhile, in Denton...

A follow-up to my screwy liquor laws post of a few months ago: Denton voters have overwhelmingly approved a local option election which extends beer and wine sales to all areas inside the city limits. Previously, beer and wine sales were limited to areas of Denton which were inside the city's 1977 municipal boundaries, when the city first approved a local option election.

Opponents argued that "making alcohol more accessible could worsen societal problems such as alcoholism and drunken driving." As if keeping the convenience store on the south side of the intersection of Teasley Lane and Ryan Road from selling beer and wine, even though the convenience store on the north side of said intersection could sell such products, would really make a difference.

Denton voters also chose to eliminate the practice of requiring local bars and restaurants
to obtain a private-club permit in order to serve mixed drinks to patrons.

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