Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 Houston Cougar Football Attendance

As we wait for bowl season to begin - I'm still determining the logistical feasibility of traveling to Birmingham to see the Cougars play Vanderbilt in the BBVA Compass bowl on January 4th - I've updated my Houston Cougar football attendance graph.

The cougars averaged 24,256 fans per game in 2013. This is tickets sold, of course; it was pretty clear that the number of actual "butts in seats" was lower. This is a decline of 3,029 fans/game from a year ago and 7,475 fans/game from two years ago.

The decline in attendance, while disappointing, is not unexpected. The Cougars were coming off a losing 2012 season and played home games in two separate venues (Reliant Stadium and BBVA Compass Stadium) due to construction of the their new home stadium. Additionally, other than BYU there really wasn't a "marquee" team on the home schedule to attract casual fans.

I expect attendance to increase in 2014. The Cougars will be playing in their brand-new on-campus stadium, which will attract fans if for no other reason than novelty, and this years 8-4 record might being some folks back that were frustrated with 2012's disappointment.

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