Monday, August 16, 2010

If journalism came with warning labels

Everything else seems to come with warning labels these days, so why not warning labels for news as well? British comedian Tom Scott has created a set of labels intended to warn readers of "sloppy journalism and other questionable content." There's even a .pdf of these labels for people who want to print them out and place them on their favorite (or least favorite) newspaper articles. Unfortunately, there is as of yet no way to place these warning labels on online articles, which is probably where they're most needed.

Here are a few of my favorites:
I found these labels to be humorous and depressing at the same time, because they're so true.

Although the journalism profession has fallen on tough times as of late (i.e. the rise of the internet and the decline of print media), I should be fair in noting that most of the problems these warning labels address are not new to the profession; they've existed as long as journalism has existed. Whether these problems are becoming more prevalent in the industry's current environment is another story.

(Hat tip: The Daily What)

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