Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day is stupid

Another Valentine's Day is upon is. Yippee. As I wrote a year ago, I fundamentally dislike this phoney "holiday." CNN's Roland Martin hates it, too:

For several years I have ripped into Valentine's Day. Not because I'm against love and relationships, but mainly because the holiday is such a farce.

First of all, Valentine's Day is not built around a religious event like Christmas or Easter; nor does it have any special meaning to the nation such as Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

It is nothing more than a commercial holiday created by rabid retailers who needed a major shopping day between Christmas and Easter in order to give people a reason to spend money.

Now folks, I love my wife. She is truly an awesome woman who is smart, talented, fine, and, did I say fine? But do I really need a special day to show my affection for her?

I've long maintained that if I sent my flowers at other times during the year, why do I have to fall victim to peer pressure and send her some roses that have quadrupled in price leading up to February 14?

Why should I be inundated with mailings, e-mails and commercials to show her that I love her by buying jewelry or clothing? If we went shopping in June or September or last month, can I get some kind of waiver or "Get out of Valentine's Day" card?

Exactly. What's wrong with celebrating your relationship or expressing your affection on any of the other 364 days of the year, anyway? And why should we be compulsed into "proving" our feelings for somebody else by participating in this silly, contrived, corporatized event? In doing so, don't we cheapen, or at least commoditize, our relationships?

The bottom line: Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday that serves no purpose other than to make some after-Christmas money for florists, greeting card companies, confectioners, jewelers, restaurateurs and the like. One does not become more romantic or affectionate simply by particpating in it. Likewise, one does not become any less so for ignoring it. Which is why I wish more people would just ignore it. Valentine's Day sucks!


Anonymous said...

It's an excuse to be romantic. If you can do that without falling victim to the "OMG I have to eight million flowers and arrange a perfect evening" nonsense, there's nothing stupid about using that excuse to remind someone that you love him or her.

You don't have to buy into the silliness for it to be a nice thing.

On my first Valentine's Day with my partner, we were on a plane. He pulled a card and box of chocolate from his carry-on and we held hands and ate the chocolates somewhere over the Atlantic on the way to Paris. It's a delightful, romantic memory, and so what a silly invented holiday prompted it?

dogray77 said...

Average amount a male spends on Valentine's Day: $185. Average amount a female spends: $85.