Friday, August 31, 2007

Radio weirdness

While driving around the sprawling north Dallas suburbs this week, I spent a lot of time surveying the Metroplex's radio offerings. One station I enjoyed was Dallas's "Jack FM" station at 100.3. The Jack FM format features a large and eclectic playlist (much larger than most stations) and the absence of any on-air deejays. It's a refreshing departure from the standard Clear Channel station that plays the same songs over and over. I wondered why this format didn't exist in the Houston market.

Well, this afternoon, after flying back from Dallas, I got into my car at Hobby Airport, turned on the radio, and guess what? As it turns out, 103.7 converted from a rock station to a Jack FM format earlier this morning. Pretty cool.

An another note: have you ever noticed when an obscure song that you haven't heard in a long time suddenly gets played several times within a period of a few hours?

That happened to me yesterday and today. While driving back to my hotel last night, a Dallas radio station played Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls." Cool, I thought, I hadn't heard this song in a while.

It played again a few hours later at an Addison bar I visited. "That's weird, I just heard this song," I thought.

Then I heard it again on Houston radio driving home from the airport today.

At that point, it was just getting creepy.

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