Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"This turbulence is making me queasy!"

"Quick! Pass me the barf bag... sponsored by Hertz Rent-a-Car?!?!"

Advertising agencies will not rest until they've finally found a way to sell ad space on everything. US Airways is going to start printing advertisements on its barf bags.

"Having an advertisement for a barf bag, especially if it's for something like Dramamine, now that's brilliant," says aviation consultant Michael Boyd.

Maybe. But I personally think it's kind of goofy.

Even worse: CBS is placing advertisements for its fall lineup on eggs. Yes, eggs.

I'm with John on this one: when I'm making an omelet, I really don't need to be reminded about the latest episode of CSI or Survivor (of which, I am proud to say, I have never watched a single episode). When I go to the store and pay for a dozen eggs, I shouldn't I expect them to be free of annoying advertisements on them?

What's next? Are they going to place ads on other types of produce? I can see it now: celery will have "try me with JIF peanut butter!" stamped on the stalks; limes will bear little stickers reading "try me with an ice cold Corona Light!"


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