Saturday, May 26, 2012

Three yards and a cloud of dust

Speaking of the Astrodome, this wonderful old photograph appeared on Sports Illustrated's photo blog a couple of days ago:
This picture was taken by SI photographer Neil Leifer on November 13, 1965, when the University of Houston hosted the Kentucky Wildcats in the Astrodome (the Coogs won, 38-21). Leifer probably took this photo from one of the catwalks underneath the Astrodome ceiling, hence the unique overhead perspective.

This was the Cougars' first season in the Astrodome, and they are indeed playing on a dirt field. As some people might remember, the Dome originally had a natural grass field. However, the glare from the skylights meant that baseball players couldn't see fly balls, so the skylights were painted over and the grass died. Astroturf was introduced the following year.

Two Cougar football legends - quarterback Bo Burris (#16, probably carrying the ball) and halfback Dickie Post (#26) - can be seen in action.

A very cool picture, indeed.

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