Friday, May 04, 2012

Color footage of Otavalo in 1949

Click here (embedding on this YouTube video has been disabled, for some reason) for fascinating color footage of the town of Otavalo and its indigenous inhabitants from 1949. The Otavale├▒os dress much the same way today, although they now usually aren't barefoot and the women rarely wear the wide-brimmed hats anymore. Mount Imbabura, with its patchwork of fields, looks much the same way today as it did sixty years ago, and to this day people still wash their clothes on the shores of Lago San Pablo as they do in this film.

Footage of Otavalo and its environs comprises the first seven minutes of the film, but starting at the ten minute mark there is footage of colonial Quito that it just as compelling and speaks to the timelessness that is Ecuador.

Maybe it's about time for me to make another trip down there. I haven't been to my "home away from home" in over a decade.

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