Sunday, February 14, 2010

Proof of America's decline

It's tax season, and H&R Block is currently running an advertising campaign promoting their services. One of their featured services: they'll prepare your 1040 EZ for you for "only" $39.

At first, this disturbed me.

First, it saddens me to think, as H&R Block obviously does, that there are actually people out there that lack the basic skills necessary to complete something as ridiculously simple as a 1040 EZ.

Secondly, $39 to complete something as easy as a 1040 EZ is a complete and total rip-off.

But then I realized something: if you're too stupid to prepare a 1040 EZ on your own, then you deserve to get ripped off when you pay for somebody else to do it for you. Something about a fool and his money being quickly parted.

So maybe H&R Block is on to something after all...

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