Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike picture time!

Now that I'm at my brother's place in Denver and have steady and reliable internet access, I can finally upload the pictures that I took right after the storm hit. Click on any photo for a larger image.

This was the view from our street as the outer bands of Ike began moving out and people began emerging to survey the destruction. Falling tree branches broke out the back window of the car on the right:
Lori and Kirby survey the damage:
Swollen by Ike's rainwaters, Braes Bayou rises to the top of its banks and floods North MacGregor Way:A tree limb sits upon a power line. This was one of several instances of tree-downed power lines in our neighborhood:
I think it's safe to assume that the van is a total loss:Most of the property damage to our neighborhood was caused by falling tree trunks and limbs, rather than by the winds themselves. This house lost its front porch to falling tree branches:
An entire uprooted pine tree lays upon a house, causing roof damage. If you look carefully, you can see another toppled pine tree laying upon the garage in back:
Much of the city's traffic lights were damaged by Ike's winds. On Scott Street near the UH campus, a signal gantry lays in the street:
The University of Houston itself did not sustain a great deal of storm damage, although the College of Architecture sustained damage when part of its roof peeled away and water leaked into the building. The roof membrane of the campus's rec center was also blown off by the storm:
Everybody lent a hand to the post-hurricane clean-up effort, including Kirby:

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