Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Budweiser is not real beer

Belgian brewer InBev SA has purchased American brewer Anheuser-Busch for a cool $52 billion, and some people are upset about the loss of a piece of Americana to foreign interests.

I, on the other hand, think this is a good deal. Because now, under European guidance, maybe Anheuser-Busch will quit brewing that disgusting swill known as Budweiser and start brewing real beer.

Seriously. Budweiser is not real beer. Real beer does not have rice in it. Real beer also has actual taste, something Budweiser lacks.

It's not just Budweiser that falls into this "not real beer" category, either. Most mass-produced and mass-marketed American brews - Miller Lite and Coors, for example - have the same problem: they aren't real beers and they taste like shit.

It's not that Americans cannot brew real beer. Samuel Adams, Yeungling, Abita Turbodog and even Shiner Bock are good examples of real beer that tastes good. It's just that way too many Americans simply don't know any better: they've been tricked into thinking that crap like Budweiser is actually real beer, even though it is not.

Fortunately, the Belgians have been brewing beer for far longer than the United States has existed. They know what real beer is. Hopefully, they'll use their takeover of Anheuser-Busch to educate the American people about real beer, and in the process do away with the flavorless horsepiss that is Budweiser.

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Lev said...

I applaud your post. I also agree with everything you've said. However, I think it is important to give kudos to many other Americans for their brewing skills. We've got a wealth of world class breweries that produce *real* beer -- just not a massive, commercial scale. We have centuries of brewing great beer under our belt, unfortunately, a lot of the robotic masses are under the delusion that Bud is real beer. Just as France has owners of commercialized, trashy retail clothing, one can't argue they have skilled countrymen who produce couture. Great entry, overall, however.