Monday, October 22, 2007

Greetings from Puerto Vallarta

I´m currently writing from the Casa de la Playa´s single internet-connected computer, trying to get used to this Spanish-layout keyboard. Lori and I safely made our way here Saturday evening, and are enjoying ourselves. It´s going to be weird for both of us to be away from Kirby for an entire week, but we know he´s in good hands with my parents.

Yesterday was rather cloudy and rainy, but today the skies have cleared and the sun is back. We haven´t done much so far except relax, walk around town, eat at a couple of restaurants and attend a timeshare presentation (no, we didn´t buy; more on that when I get back). Tomorrow we´re going on a "canopy tour" where we get to ride on ropes suspended from trees, and Thursday we´re going on a cruise. Otherwise, it´s just eat, drink and relax, the way a vacation should be.

Puerto Vallarta is our favorite Mexican vacation spot. It's got a lot of activities to offer, a lot of historical charm, and a killer view of the sunset.

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Big Dave on Sports said...

Sound like a great trip, I will be heading to Puerto Vallarta soon for some all inclusive r and r.