Tuesday, May 08, 2018

A glaring omission

I usually don't pay much attention to clickbait listicles - much less share them - but this list of "The 25 Hardest Teams to Root For" made me chuckle. While I don't disagree with any of the NHL, NBA, MLB or NFL teams on it, it's clearly missing one hard-to-cheer-for professional football franchise.

This list appears to be based on championships (or lack thereof), playoff appearances, overall winning record, and whether the team has relocated. Given their history of futility, the Houston Texans certainly belong on it. They have no conference (much less league) championships, have only made the playoffs four times, and have an all-time regular season record of .429.

My only guess is that they were left off this list because they are relatively new (they're only playing their 17th season this fall), as well as the fact that last fall's disappointing season was due more to a freak rash of injuries (Deshaun Watson, Whitney Mercilus, J.J. Watt, etc.) than anything else.

Another team the probably belongs on this list is the Tennessee Titans. They've won no NFL titles, they check the "relocation" box, and when they were the Houston Oilers they were the very definition of futile.

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