Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Harvey videos

This final Harvey-related post was inspired by my (finally) downloading a couple of months' worth of pictures and videos from my iPhone to my computer. Included in these downloads were a handful of short videos I took from sixth floor sky lounge of my new apartment complex during the storm.

I posted these videos on Facebook so folks who weren't in Houston could see what things looked like during the deluge. It seems appropriate to share them on my blog as well.

Saturday August 26th: I took this video in the evening, about 24 hours after the storm made landfall and as heavy rain bands began moving through the city. Up until his point rainfall totals throughout the city had more or less been manageable; however, things would quickly get worse. It was only a few hours after his video was taken that Eric Berger introduced the phrase "super mega-rainball of doom" to describe Harvey's deluge.

Sunday August 27th: At this point, the flooding was at its worst for much of the city. The area around our apartment complex, however, remained relatively well off. There was an eerie quiet between rain bands - although we could hear lots of rescue helicopters off in the distance - when my girlfriend, her dog and I went up to the sky lounge Sunday afternoon. The sky lounge is located on the southwest corner of our complex, giving us good views of both Greenway Plaza and the Uptown/West Loop area.

Monday August 28th: The rain continues! Although by now it was coming down at a lighter pace than before, it still wasn't allowing flooded roadways to drain, or making rescue efforts any easier.

Tuesday August 29th: After four days of non-stop rain, the deluge had finally slowed to a trickle. There's even traffic on the Southwest Freeway again. Mercifully, the rain finally cleared out of the area overnight, and blue skies even made a reappearance on Wednesday.

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