Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Crushed, I am...

Well, I guess this means that the Dallas Cowboys won't be coming to town for Super Bowl LI after all. And I was so looking forward to our city being graced by the presence of their obnoxious, insufferable fanbase! I guess now I won't get to listen to them explain to us how much Houston (both the team and the city) sucks, or how "Dem Boyz" are still "America's Team" even though they haven't won a Super Bowl in 21 years. And I guess those hordes of bandwagon, t-shirt Cowboy fans (who would have come down for the day so as not to pay for a hotel) aren't going to materialize to loiter around Discovery Green or along Washington Avenue after all. Alas!

It'd be a real shame if Pittsburgh beat the Patriots next weekend, so that the (almost equally insufferable) New England wouldn't be able to make it to town, either.

As for the Texans: given that this franchise is institutionally mediocre, I guess a 10-8 overall record and AFC South title is about the best they could have hoped for. One can only wonder what this team would be like if it had an actual quarterback and some semblance of innovation on offense.

But at least the Texans won a playoff game. Which is more than than can be said for the Cowboys.

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