Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Gettin’ crazy with Google Street View

I don’t remember exactly why I was looking at this particular location in Google Street View, but I and found this very, um, interesting scene (apparently taken in August 2014) in front of the Bank of America at the corner of OST and La Salette in Southeast Houston:

I’m not sure what is happening here. Is the pedestrian extending the middle finger to the driver of the silver Nissan a panhandler, angry that he or she won’t give him any change? Did the driver and the pedestrian get into an altercation somewhere, such as inside the bank or in front of the Taco Bell next door? Is this some sort of domestic disturbance? Or was this tableau staged for the passing Google Street View cam?

Interestingly, this little bit of weirdness can be viewed in Google Maps, but not in Google Earth; in that app, Street View reverts back to imagery taken in 2013 when it gets to this particular intersection. Somebody else must have noticed this scene and complained about it.

I'm not complaining; I just want an explanation...

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