Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Finding one's self... On Google Earth

Google Earth recently updated its imagery for the Houston area. I zoomed into my house to discover that it shows exactly what I was doing in the early afternoon of Halloween 2013.

At the time this picture was taken, I had just gotten off from work (I took a half-day) and was getting ready for the tailgate for that evening's football game against South Florida at Reliant Stadium. The white top of my ice chest is clearly visible in the open trunk of my car, as am I, walking to the right side of my car carrying a grocery bag in my hand (which you can see if you zoom into my shadow) which I was about to put into the car. If I recall correctly, the bag contained tortilla chips as well as candy - it was, after all, Halloween.

I don't mind that Google Earth's aerial photography found me. It's not like I am readily identifiable in this picture taken from miles above, and since was in the front of my house in plain view of the street I had no expectation of privacy to begin with. It's just a little piece of my mundane existence which has been captured and will forever reside in Google's servers.

And I actually think it's kind of cool.

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