Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All taggers are morons, but some taggers are more moronic than others

Houston's Near Northside has long had a graffiti problem, and the construction of the METRORail extension, which is set to become operational in a few weeks, has given local "artists" more space to "express their creativity."

It's difficult to catch these taggers in the act of vandalizing property, because they generally do their business at night. That is, except when they vandalize a light rail station and stare directly at the station's security camera while they do so.

                                                                                                         Photo: Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County
Video captured by METRO security cameras at around 3am on Oct. 13 at its Northline Transit Center/HCC rail platform at 7704 Fulton helped METRO police nab 18-year-old Salvador Sanchez.

METRO's North (Red) Line extension is still under construction, but cameras have been installed at its station platforms. 

Sanchez was arrested Tuesday and charged with criminal mischief.

The Northline Transit Center/HCC rail station, which incorporates artwork featuring community heroes, was damaged extensively, but the graffiti has since been removed.
I hope the courts give this punk more than just a slap on the wrist. I have little patience for vandalism of public or private property, so It'd be nice if a judge made an example out of this moron.

I also hope that any of his fellow taggers who might decide to deface a train station are just as stupid as he is and make themselves just as easy for law enforcement to identify.

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