Thursday, May 02, 2013

Lows in the 40s. In May. I'll take it.

The cold front that blew through the city this afternoon is expected to push lows into the 40s tomorrow and this weekend, and Eric Berger thinks records could be broken:
Now let’s jump to Friday and Saturday. The record cold temperature on Friday (May 3) is 47 degrees, set in 1978, and for Saturday it is 44 degrees, also set in 1978. So we have a good chance of setting a record low on tomorrow morning.

Interestingly, for the entire month of May Houston has only ever recorded one day with a temperature below 45 degrees.  That is the 44 degree low temperature from May 4, 1978.  So a temperature of 43 degrees or lower this weekend would be the coldest May temperature Houston has ever had.
Works for me. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I'll take any cool I can get this time of year. The past several days have been humid with highs in the 80s and at this point its only a matter of days before we see highs in the 90s, as we did at this time last year.
Last year at this time highs were 90 degrees, lows were muggy at 70 degrees and a steamy summer was setting in.
This weekend, in contrast, will be exquisite. After the cold mornings discussed above, highs on Saturday and Sunday should rise into the mid-70s, with almost entirely clear skies on Saturday, and mostly sunny skies on Sunday.
The air will also be mostly dry rather than mostly humid.
It’s almost certainly the last weekend of high temperatures in the 70s until October, so don’t waste this weather.
"Almost certainly," as in, barring some sort of miracle, this is the best weather we're going to see for another five and a half months. We might get a "cool" front between now and then that knocks the humidity down for a few days, but otherwise...

Earlier this evening, I spent several minutes in the back yard, sipping coffee and watching Attila run around. I listened to the leaves rustle. I felt the crisp, autumn-like air buffet my skin. It was awesome.

Not looking forward to the summer.

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