Thursday, April 04, 2013

Meet Attila

Michelle wasn't sure how long she wanted to wait before she got a new dog, but after coming across this guy at the Friends for Life Animal Shelter and Sanctuary in the Heights, she decided that the time was now.
Attila is nine weeks old. His mother was supposedly a Sheltie, but it looks like Attila himself has some Labrador and border collie in him. We won't know for sure until he gets bigger. And it's obvious that he's going to get way bigger, probably even bigger than Genghis.
Attila is dark brown with spots of white on his chin and tummy. Like any puppy, he's very playful and he gets along well with Kirby. So far he seems to be adjusting rather well to his new life with us.
Obviously, Michelle likes to name her dogs after notorious Asiatic conquerors. Which seems appropriate, considering that this guy has already conquered our hearts...

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