Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall finally arrives

Perfect weather for football and Halloween.
It took awhile, but the first major cold front of the season finally got here:
The Houston area's summer finally ends Friday.

After running temperatures as much as 10 degrees above normal the last two weeks, Houston finally will see the onset of more seasonal fall weather after a strong front moves through.

The city hasn't had an overnight low temperature in the 40s since March 9. Thursday will be warm, but after the season's strongest front blows into the region Friday, most of the area should see temperatures in the mid-40s on Sunday and Monday mornings.
Sure enough, today I stepped outside to cool, cloudy, windy and wonderful surroundings. Before I went out this evening, I even had to dig around in the closet for a sweater that I hadn't worn since February. It looks like these cool temperatures are going to stick around for a little while, as well; the forecast doesn't even call for highs to get back into the 80s until Wednesday of next week.

Relief from the heat at last, and perfect weather for tomorrow's tailgate and football game! Now, if only the hapless Cougars could pull off a win...

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