Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More traingeekery: Union Pacific 844

Kirby and I just happened to be in Denver a few weeks ago when UP 844 - the only steam locomotive never to be retired by a major North American railroad - passed through town on its way from Omaha to Cheyenne. We positioned ourselves at a crossing and caught it in action:

I was filming with the iPhone in one hand and and trying to take pictures with my Nikon in the other, hence the poor panning and crookedness at the end, but I think the video nevertheless gets the point across: seeing the "Living Legend" in action is a sight to behold.

Shortly afterward, we caught up with UP 844 once again at a railyard northeast of downtown Denver, where it was stopped for the night, to take some more pictures:
Truly a magnificent beast. (I'm talking about the beast in the background, of course!)

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