Saturday, June 30, 2012

My girlfriend the bug-eater

Here's my girlfriend Michelle, eating mealworm salsa and chocolate chip with cricket cookies at the Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans earlier this month. While I don't think she'll ever become an enthusiastic insect eater, I give her credit for at least trying it out.
Michelle wasn't as impressed with the Insectarium as she was with the nearby Aquarium of the Americas. She's says she's more of a fish person than a bug person. With the aquarium featuring specimens like this lionfish, who can blame her?
As a history teacher, however, I think she was most impressed by the National World War II Museum. I hadn't been there since 2000 myself, when it was still known as the D-Day Museum. The museum has undergone quite a bit of expansion since then (and further expansions are underway as well). It's a very fascinating place; somewhat depressing, considering just how bloody and brutal WWII was, but is definitely worth a visit.
And of course, no trip to New Orleans would be complete without a muffaletta from Central Grocery in the French Quarter. For the record, Michelle said it was much better than she did the insects that she ate earlier.

As many times as I've traveled to New Orleans over the past couple of years, the trip we took a few weeks ago might be my last visit for awhile. The University of Houston is preparing to leave Conference USA, which means no more trips to see the Cougars play Tulane in the Superdome. And as of right now I'm still leaning against participating in Mardi Gras next spring.

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