Sunday, May 30, 2010

Welcome to summer

Highs have been consistently hitting the low-to-mid 90s for the past two weeks. Kirby's last days of school was Thursday. Memorial Day is tomorrow.

Thus, I am forced to accept the fact that summer has begun. (The "summer doesn't begin until the Solstice" myth has already been debunked on this blog.)

I, of course, never exactly welcome the oppression that is the Houston summer, and this year that was especially the case due to the unseasonably cold weather that lingered well into February and even March and made the spring relatively short.

I'm not excited about the beginning of hurricane season, either. Prognosticators expect that it will be a busy one. Then there's the complicating factor of that oil spill.

Nothing to do now except stay indoors as much as possible and otherwise make the most of it. Kirby and I are accompanying my parents to New Orleans for a few days next weekend, and at some point I'm sure I'll make my way up to Denver to visit my brother for a few days.

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