Saturday, May 09, 2009

It's May, and it's getting hot (updated)

Daytime highs hit the 90 degree mark yesterday and the day before, and is expected to do so today as well. KTRK's Tim Heller seems to think that this is something of a late-spring heat wave, as our normal high is "only" supposed to be 84 degrees right now:

Although our normal high temperature is 84° right now, it's not unusual for us to hit 90° this early in the season. We actually had our first 90° day of the season back on April 22. The first 90° day of the season usually arrives around May 3. The average date of the last 90° day of the season is October 8.

Typically these early season heat waves only last a week or two. Then it will cool off for a couple of weeks before the summer heat returns...and stays.

I hope so. I really am not ready for summer to start just yet. I'm holding out hope for one more cool front, one more blast of milder temperatures and lower humidity, before the oppressive summer heat sets in.

But, it's May. This is, alas, when summer in Houston begins.

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