Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome to Constructionland!

Some views from Dubai's main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road. Click on any picture for a larger version...
Is it the world's tallest building, or an enormously out-of-scale smokestack? The Burj Dubai dominates a cluster of high-rises in various stages of completion.
Towers under construction at Business Bay (or is it the Dubai International Financial Centre? I can't keep track anymore...). The bridge structure at the bottom is the trackbed for the Dubai Metro Red Line, which will open next year.
A different view of the same development. I'm not sure if Dubai can still claim to have twenty percent or so of the world's supply of high-rise construction cranes - I've been told that the number of construction cranes available worldwide has increased substantially since that estimate was made a few years ago - but it's clear that Dubai is still home to thousands of them.

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