Monday, March 31, 2008

Memo to Yaz

To: Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet, of the early-80s synth-pop group Yaz (Yazoo in the UK), who are reuniting for a tour this summer

From: Thomas

Re: Your lousy reunion tour schedule

When I found out that one of my favorite early 80's synth-pop bands was reuniting to go on a world tour, I was pretty excited. I thought it'd be kind of cool for me to see this band in action after being apart for so long, and it would also be neat to hear childhood favorites like "Only You" or "Situation" being performed live.

But then I looked at your tour schedule.

Currently, there are only seven US tour dates, and all but one are on the east or west coasts. Not a single visit to Houston, or for that matter Dallas, or for that matter anywhere in the southern United States.

This is an oversight in need of redress. Folks here in Houston are just as deserving of their dose of 80's electro-nostalgia as folks in Oakland or LA or Chicago or New York. And Vince Clarke, of all people, has made enough tour stops in Houston as part of Erasure to know his particular genre of music is popular enough in the nation's fourth-largest city to warrant at least one tour date at a suitable local venue.

Please see to it that this glaring omission in your upcoming concert schedule is rectified as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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