Wednesday, January 16, 2008

RIP, Dave's Jeep

My brother David was involved in a pretty major traffic accident last weekend in the mountains of Colorado. He lost control of his Jeep in icy road conditions (yeah, the same one that took us up to Jones Pass last summer) while trying to make his way to Winter Park. David hit his head hard enough to require staples; his friend Fred, who was riding with him, suffered a broken leg just below the knee and will need to go in for surgery. There were other people involved in the accident as well, but fortunately no other major injuries were incurred. David's Jeep Liberty was totaled, as the pictures on his blog attest.

There might be a lesson somewhere in here about the perils of native Houstonians attempting to drive in wintry mountain weather, but that will come later. Right now I'm just happy that David and Fred are still alive. Looking at that mangled Jeep, it's amazing that both of them were able to walk (or in Fred's case limp) away.

The loss of a vehicle is going to be tough for my brother. Fortunately he lives close to one of the stops on Denver's light rail network and will be able to use the train to get to work. Fred could be out of work for several months, however, and that will doubtlessly be problematic for him and his family.

We've decided not to inform my parents of the accident until they finish their Mexican cruise and return to San Diego this weekend. No point in ruining their vacation since there's nothing they can do right now anyway.

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