Saturday, December 08, 2007

Big drug bust at University of Houston

Wow, that's a lot of acid:

A University of Houston freshman was planning to sell about half a million dollars worth of LSD he had in his dorm room, Houston police said.

Clarke Lane Denton, 18, was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He was in Harris County jail in lieu of $999,999 bond.

Denton, a chemical engineering major, was arrested Thursday after he sold LSD to undercover officers, who later found the drug in his dorm room, authorities said.

When officers tried to arrest him, Denton fled. A janitor found him hiding in a room in one of the campus' buildings and alerted campus police.

After the arrest, narcotics officers got Denton's consent to search his dorm room in the North Tower, where they recovered about 250,000 hits of LSD with an estimated street value of $500,000, authorities said.

His next scheduled court appearance is Monday.

Lemme get this straight: acid is selling for only two bucks a hit these days? Wow.

I guess the LSD market took a bit of a crash after the techno-rave scene of the 1990s finally petered out.


keith said...

i acually know clarke real well... he's a real smart guy thats really fucked up big time.

but i highly doubt he had 250,000 hits... that seems extremly over exaggerated. he would have that much at once

Anonymous said...

i as well know clarke highly well.
he had a soaring intellect.
and i used to let him sleep in my closet.
i miss him still.
i don't think he'll ever get away from this one.

Anonymous said...

You know I knew clark in jr high and high school he was a cool guy and it really sucks cuz he was a really smart guy and had a promising future it is sad

Anonymous said...

I actually knew clarke way back in kindergarten. He used to sell all the kids in my class skittles during recess.. I could have seen this coming