Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The left lane is for passing only, damnit!

As somebody who has complained about left-lane slowpokes in the past, I add my full-throated approval to this TxDOT initiative:
The Texas Department of Transportation is installing additional “Left Lane for Passing Only” signs on all highways with a speed limit of 75 mph or higher. State law requires TxDOT to post these signs on highways where slower traffic is asked to stay in another lane.

“We want to make sure that travelers on our highways have a safe, efficient and enjoyable trip,” said Carol Rawson, TxDOT’s Traffic Operations Division Director. “Reminding the public that slower moving vehicles should use right lanes and that passing vehicles use left lanes will help
improve safety on our highways.”
Slow drivers on the left lane of rural interstates are a paramount source of annoyance to me, along with drivers who don't merge when they're supposed to and drivers who litter. Anybody who engages in any of these activities should have their drivers license immediately suspended, as far as I'm concerned, because they've proven themselves to be too stupid, too arrogant and too selfish to be allowed to operate a motor vehicle in mixed traffic.

It's pretty simple: if you're in the left lane, and somebody behind you wants to pass you, MOVE OVER. It doesn't matter how fast you're going, or how fast they want to go. If they want to speed, MOVE OVER and let them risk getting a ticket. The left lane should be reserved for passing traffic only, and slower traffic should keep to the right. It's amazing how many motorists fail to understand this rather basic, common-sense concept.
TxDOT expects installation of approximately 3,400 new “Left Lane for Passing Only” signs to be completed by summer of 2013. The signs are enforceable and violators can be stopped and ticketed by law enforcement.
Here's to hoping that, along with more signs, comes more legal enforcement of the "left lane for passing, slower traffic keep right" rule. In my experience driving along Texas interstates, it seems to me that the DPS is more than willing to bust people for speeding, but generally ignores people who drive slowly in the left lane. For everybody's safety and mental well-being, let's hope this changes. TICKET LEFT LANE SLOWPOKES!

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Staci Ashcraft said...

My BIGGEST pet peeve is idiots who hog the left lane! It is NOT the "fast" lane, the winner isn't the first one in line who then gets to set the speed regardless if those behind him who want to go faster and pass them. It is the PASSING lane! Move over! If you're not passing anyone GET OUT OF IT! Left lane idiots cause traffic to stack up and it proves very unsafe as people are hitting their brakes, tailgating and cutting off to get around the idiots. I have to drive from Austin to DFW twice monthly at least, it grinds on me worse than anything. Except maybe people who slam on their brakes when they see a police car regardless if they're speeding or not and people who can't figure out when to use their blinker. Turning it on after you've braked and are now turning does NO ONE any good! You turn on your blinker BEFORE you brake!Ugh.