Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy fun office relocation time!

I knew this was coming, so I wasn't particularly surprised when this e-mail hit my work inbox about an hour ago:

We just received this information late yesterday. Facilities Management will be terminating our current lease effective January 31, 2008. We will be relocating [to a building that already contains our firm's architecture sector].

I don’t have any other information about logistics on this relocation effort. Facilities Management will have someone here starting Monday the 21st to head up the relocation efforts. Additional information will be provided at that time.

That gives me exactly two weeks to sort through my files, clean up my messy office and pack. And then once I move to my new office I'll get to unpack. Except for the fact that at the new building I won't have an office. I'll get to move into a freakin' cubicle. Yeah!

The reolcation itself won't be too far - perhaps just a few miles from our existing location in Greenway Plaza to the new building on the West Loop - but, as everybody who lives in Houston knows, traffic in the Galleria/Post Oak/West Loop area is beyond awful. I figure my commute time is about to double.

I would be more annoyed than I am were it not for the fact that I work from home a lot of the time these days anyway. Still, having to trade an actual office for a stupid cubicle is going to suck.

Oh, well. Time to get packing...

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