Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dubai Picture Time!

I guess it's time to share a few of the pictures I've taken so far.

Here's a view looking south towards Dubai Creek from my hotel. Traffic is uncharacteristically light on Al Garhoud Road (Emirates Highway 11) headed towards the bridge. In the distance you can see construction well underway on a pair of large towers at Festival City as well as a much-needed third bridge over Dubai Creek.

I took this shot of the Burj Dubai as we drove by. It still has a way to go before it becomes the tallest building in the world, but it's come along way from how it looked in January. Unfortunately, August isn't the best time to take pictures due to all the sand and haze in the air.

Meanwhile, at the Dubai Marina, dozens of office and condominium highrises are being erected. You can see why I call this place the "City of Cranes." They're everywhere.

Another view of a cluster of high-rises under construction at Dubai Marina. Timeshare, anyone?

I'll try to upload more throughout the fall. Unfortunately, no amount of photographs can do this city justice. You just have to be here to really understand the full scale of what is going on.

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Zhanna said...

The city of dream!!It is the first idea, which comes in my mind, when I begin to think about this magic city, it is the city of the future.
I have never been in Dubai, but looking at this pictures, only one wish is appearing- to visit Dubai anyway.
I am really fascinating of beauty of Dubai property.
Just look at these masterpieces such as Burj Dubai,World and Palm Islands, Dubailand how wonderful they are.